The following is a list of published papers, please see abstracts for those published OR recently submitted for publication.
  1. (with T. Costello) Quantifiers over Modalities, Sixth International Conference on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Trento Italy, 1998. (to appear)
  2. Implicit Programming and the Logic of Constructible Duality, PhD. Thesis, UIUC.
  3. (with T. Costello) Quantifiers and Operations on Modalities and Contexts, Fourth International Symposium on Commonsense Reasoning, 1998.
  4. Bisimulation and Propositional Intuitionistic Logic, Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Concurrency Theory, Warsaw Poland, 1997
  5. (with T. Costello) Exponentials as Projections from Paraconsistent Logics, First World Congress on Paraconsitency, Gent Belgium, 1997
  6. (with T. Costello) Guilt-Free Exponentials, ASL Winter Meeting 1997, Bulletin of Symbolic Logic Vol 3 No 3, 1997
  7. Bisimulation and Propositional Intuitionistic Logic, Observational and Logical Equivalence at ESSLLI '96
  8. A new semantics for constructible falsity, Logic Colloquium '96, ASL Summer Meeting, Bulletin of the Association of Symbolic Logic, Vol 3 No 2, 1997
  9. (with G. Agha and S. Fr\olund and W. Kim and R. Panwar and D. Sturman) Abstraction and Modularity Mechanisms for Concurrent Computing, Chapter In: Research Directions in Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming, Eds. G. Agha and P. Wegner and A. Yonezawa, MIT Press, 1993
  10. (with R.K.Shyamasundar and G. Agha) An ACTORS Formalism for Open Concurrent Systems, Proceedings of the Chalmers Workshop on Concurrency, Baastad, Sweden, 1991


The following is a list of edited volumes.
  1. (with Mike Genesereth) The Proceedings of the Sixth International World Wide Web Conference Special Issue of Computer Networks by Elsevier, December 1997