Stanford Web Sites

The Stanford web site especially the visitor page has lots of good information including searchable maps and a list of hotels organized by distance from the campus.


There are two airports, San Francisco and San Jose, about equ-distant from Stanford. Both airports have door-to-door shuttle services. Just go outside on the departures level, cross to the island, and look for signs. Usually there is a dispatcher somewhere near-by that will get you on a shuttle going the right place. Figure $20-30 one way.

Some Stanford Area Accomodations

Disclaimer. The prices have probably changed, but they give you an idea of the relative expense.

Hotels tagged `Downtown' are walking distance of each other and to campus. The Cowper Inn and Victorian are nice B&B style houses. The cheapest downtown Hotel is the Cardinal; many of our visitors stay there and say it's ok. Its also the closest to campus. Hotel California is small and pleasant. You need a car, bicycle, or bus [the Stanford Marguerite Shuttle goes to the CalTran station near by. See the Stanford Transportation Info].

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