Cindy Mason

Research Associate to Formal Reasoning Group
Affiliation: Computer Science Department, Stanford University
Phone: +1.510.967.9005

Research Interests:  Haptic Medicine, Mental State, Common Sense Reasoning, Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Large Scale Data Analysis

New AI
   Agent Architectures and Languages Driven by Cognitive and Neuro Science

Conventional AI
     Architectures and Languages Driven by Search Symbol Hypothesis
        BBRL: Belief Based Collaborative System for Common Sense Reasoning on Data Integration
                     PackRats: Multi-Agent Collaborative System for Archiving and Filtering Digital Persona from Public, Private Databases
                     NETSEA: Multi-Agent Collaborative Data Analysis and Feature Extraction for Large Data Sets
                     Intelligent Agents {Single and Multi-Agent Systems, Task, Result Sharing and Hybrid}
                     Multi-Agent Test Environments (C, CSH)
                     Rule Based Common Sense Reasoning  (Written in LISP, C)
                     Single Agent and Multi-Agent Truth Maintence
  Psychohaptics/Psychophysiology and Health Education
     Methods Driven by the Latest Developments in Cognitive Neuroscience and Health Psychology
                     Haptic Medicine
                     Global Medicine - A Paper on Mult-Cultural Healthcare Options  (See Vaden, Stanford Student Health for Living Example)
                     Presentation "Happiness and Brain Plasticity" for Kaiser Permanente and American Stroke Association
                     Cancer and Psychohaptics              
                     Early Release of Stem Cell Transplant Patients at Stanford Hospital
                     A Film About Mental State and Psychohaptics in Cardiology Ward at Stanford Medical Center
                     Self Help Psychohaptics for Nursing Stress in Remote Regions of Uganda
      Health Education
Psychohaptics Teaching Materials Developed for Low Cost Public Health Education
Humans Without Borders Project - Web Instruction of Psychohaptics for Disaster, Remote and Urban Health
                     Video Centered Psychohaptic Instruction for Mood Stabilization, Spine and Gland Health
                     Video Centered Psychohaptic Instruction for Prevention and Management of Chronic Conditions
                     Web Based Psychohaptic Instruction for Mood Stabilization


                     American Association for Artificial Intelligence Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Field of DAI 1989
                     National Academy of Science Research Associate 1992-1995
                     Stanford Medical School and Palto Alto Veterans Associate Research Fellow 1995-1996
                     National Library of Medicine Research Fellowship 2005-2006

                      IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Co-Chair for Affective Computing Technical Committee
                      2009 International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction
                      Third International Conference on Evidence Based CAM for Cancer, Workshop on Haptic Medicine

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Cindy Mason