Door Identification -- Conclusion

Eyal Amir and Pedrito Maynard-Reid II

As we have seen, simple use of color cue information can give very good performance for recognizing doors in the structured environment of the Gates building. Objects still misclassified will probably require more than the simple color/size information to correctly distinguish them from doors.

Some possible future work includes improving the door identification by some of the many improvements we listed throughout the report, modifying the algorithm to identify other door types (such as the elevator doors, the stairway, etc), porting the software to C++ and performing the identification with some motion analysis and prediction (we already have a good idea as to the location of the robot). Finally, we wish to install the software on a mobile robot which will travel through the Gates building autonomously.

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Eyal Amir and Pedrito Maynard-Reid II.
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