*Eyal Amir - old classes

Readings in Artificial Intelligence OR more elaborated stuff (Win '96)
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Under Uncertainty (Win '96)
Machine Learning (Spr '96)  [new]
Phenomenological Foundations of Cognition, Language, and Computation (Aut '97)
Agent Architectures (CS329) (Aut '97)
Knowledge Representation (CS222) (Aut '97)
Computer Vision (CS223B) (Win '99)
Reasoning with Uncertainty (CS228) (Win '99)
CS261: Optimization and Algorithmic Paradigms (Win '2000)
CS206: Applied Electronic Commerce (Win '2000)
CS 229 - Machine Learning (Win '2000)
CS 224M - Agents (Spr '2000)
CS 224N - Natural Language Processing (Spr '2000)

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