*Eyal Amir, AI Qual Summaries

Area Summaries

The following are the area summaries from the AI Reading List, given by subjects.
Search: dvi, ps.
Expert Systems: dvi, ps.
KR: dvi, ps, area graph (ps).
Learning: dvi, ps.
Logical Formalisms in AI (depth area summary): dvi (yet unfinished)
Natural Language: dvi, ps, area graph for written NL (ps).
Planning: dvi, ps.
Reactive Systems: dvi, ps, area graph (ps).
Robotics: dvi, ps, dates graph (ps), high level area graph (ps), Motion area graph (ps), high level area graph - Latombe's version (ps) (the last one is according to the topics Jean-Claude Latombe recommended for those taking the AI Qual (personal communication).
Vision: dvi, ps, area graph (ps).

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