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Foundation Building

The planned achievements are listed for each area of interest, followed by a chart indicating the planned schedule.

CONTEXT. We will produce (a) a methodology for relating disparate information sources,

MODIFIABLE KB'S: (e) We will produce an analysis of the elaboration tolerance of various representations. We will further develop representations to allow greater tolerance to modification.

RELATING KB'S AT DIFFERENT LEVELS: (b) We will produce tools and specifications to allow the systematic relation of knowledge bases at different levels of abstraction, much in the way that current database technology allows the systematic relating of database information.

REASONING UNDER UNCERTAINTY: (c) A feasibility demonstration of how current non-monotonic reasoning techniques can be integrated with HPKB's will be developed.

ITERATED DEFAULTS: (d) We shall develop a knowledge base that can represent iterated defaults, that is defaults about defaults.

TIME-LINE: See above for legend of particular tasks.


Eyal Amir
Sat Mar 15 22:18:39 PST 1997