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Here are some references to home pages of individuals and institutions concerned with AI. I'd be glad to have more references.

AI Institutions

Thousands of problems for theorem provers

CMU car

Mace model finder William McCune, ANL

QED Workshop

Qualitative Reasoning Home Page (Japan)

Qualitative Reasoning Group (Northwestern)

Report of the QED Workshop II

intelligent software agents

DFKI, the German Research Center for AI

Reasoning about actions (El Paso)

Reasoning about Actions (London)

Individuals in AI

Varol Akman

Mike Genesereth

Chitta Baral with Gelfond at UTEP

Murray Shanahan

Shaul Markovitch

Erik Sandewall et. al.

James Daugherty

Fausto Giunchiglia

Nils Nilsson

Donald Perlis

Marvin Minsky

David McAllester

Maarten H. van Emden

Jorn Barger's FAQ on AI

Jorn Barger's ideas

Sloman's Cognition and Affect

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