Formats for On-line Papers

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The following formats are used.

This is ok for a document that is to be printed rather than read on-line. Postscript viewers are optimized for proofreading documents that are to be printed. Here are some of postscript's disadvantages.
The disadvantages are the same as postscript, except that the viewers are better, and magnification is possible in the viewer.
It is legible on-line and has links. It allows pictures and diagrams, and the advertising applications are driving improvements in that respect. Its disadvantages are
This elegant system converts a Latex document to a number of files with an internal linkage structure based on the latex labels. It is a trifle complicated to use. See the LaTeX2HTML Tranlator manual.
Adobe Acrobat
The original form did not allow arbitrary links out, but the new version apparently does. It is proprietary, so the features are limited to what Adobe chooses to provide. It can handle mathematical formulas. No uncooperative links. It allows searching and excerpting. It isn't available on all machines, especially not all Unix machines. See Adobe Acrobat.
Maybe there needs to be a project, perhaps by a consortium to produce a good system for the on-line production and viewing of text that includes mathematics. Maybe there is, and I just don't know about it. On second thought, maybe latex2html is good enough, although it operates very slowly on documents with a lot of mathematics, since each formula has to be translated to dvi, then to Postscript and then to a gif and the pasted in.

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