Some inventions will make a real difference in human life like steamships, railroads, automobiles, telephones, radio, television, personal computers, vaccines and treatments for diseases. Others are frills, like electric toothbrushes which add only minor convenience. (By the way, I use an electric toothbrush, but it hasn't changed my life.)

Here are some innovations that I think will make a difference comparable to those made by past developments.

  1. A further increase in general prosperity.

  2. A big reduction in the cost of construction. This will make it normal for people owning their own homes to rebuild them whenever their circumstances change or fashion dictates. It will permit finally solving the parking problem by providing as many levels of underground parking as wanted. The problem can be solved even in Manhattan.

  3. Better health and more personal energy for most people. We already notice that there are extremely energetic people that can work or play at high speed for very long hours. Maybe we, or our descendants or successors, can all have that.

  4. More intelligence for most people. Many of the problems of society come from people not being smart enough. I consider myself not smart enough.

  5. Substantial life extension.

  6. Substantial reduction in housework required to live well.

  7. Computer controlled cars will increase the safe independence of children, old people, sick people and drunks.

  8. My dream of on-line access to all the world's literature will benefit a significant subset of the population - an important subset, because it is the most creative.

  9. The demand for new forms of entertainment seems insatiable. I am agnostic about how much difference new entertainment media will make to human life.

  10. Another dream is increased rationality in human affairs.

  11. Raising the backward countries to the present standards of the advanced countries.

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