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Environment sites

Shades of Green: Earth's Forests

Pete Palmer (Geological Society of America) pessimist

High Yield Conservation

Activist Cash (who gives money)

Simon bet with David South

ipcc summary for policy makers

Anti Lomborg web site

Harm done by EPA regulations

Earth trends - world resources institute

Why biotechnology - from industry

Agbioworld pro gmo

No GM conspiracy - Cliff Slater

John Daly, opposes global warming theory from Tasmania

Newfoundlanders defend seal cull

Anti-irradiation site

Organic Materials Review Institute

Bacteria in organic food - from Hudson

IPCC III emission scenarios

Science and Environmental Policy Project

Environmental Activism

European Princes' Award contest

Organic standards

Al James's list of dishonest web sites

Green Solitaire - relevance of science

Heidelberg Appeal


Science and Environmental Policy Project - S. Fred Singer

Scientist's experience with environmentalists


California High Speed Rail

Climate Change Summary - Robert May

IPCC summary for policy makers

UN Scientists' Report summary

Blaming Global Warming

Statements before Senate Environment and Public Works Committee

Lindzen Senate testimony

Here's a bit more on that Harvard "secret" data

Carol Browner, Master of Mission Creep

The EPA's Dirty Little Secrets

Correcting anti-environmental myths

Larry Hinds:collision between our society and Advanced Science & Technology

Environmental Magazine

Environmental Hazards

(top 20 pollutants)

Hazard data

Earth Viewer

Ask Mr. Solar

Shocking facts about ionizing radiation.

Global Futures

Save What¹s Left!

radioactive emissions from coal power

Electric vehicle hazards

Nature-related sites

Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Sustainable Development Policy

Environmentalists for Nuclear Power (Sweden)

Frugal-Living Web Site

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Global Change Electronic Edition

Summary of Working Group I report, IPCC

Wind energy - other sources

Chorover's Homework on the Environment

Alternative Technology Association

Alternative Technology Association

IPCC Summaries for Policy Makers

IPCC Summaries for Policy Makers

< Climate (El Nino) Information for Australian Agriculture

IPCC Summaries for policy makers

When will oil run out?

Environmental Working Group

ZERO, Wim A. de Bruyn

Save What's Left! - left

Survival International (the charity for tribal peoples)

systemsCRASH - Jay Hanson

National Station Car Association

Independent Commission on Environmental Education (Marshall)

Peugot 106 electric car

Global Change Research Information Office


Dick Meehan

International Ocean Institute (IOI)

Pennsylvania Sustainable Development Conference

NRDC mission to cuba

Radiation Hormesis

Kiosk Web page of papers on climate, etc.

ECN (Netherlands anti-nuclear)

Atlantic Cod stocks

David Suzuki Foundation

Smokers' home page

Northeast Arctic Cod for 1996

Environmental organization

Kurchatov Institute

Worldwatch crises

Worldwatch Institute

Believes in green conspiracy

Chlorine Chemistry Council

kzpg Population

Friends of the Earth Virtual Car

Gerry Jackson anti-green page

ZPG page from A. J.

Endangered species

Schloerer climate change basics

Environmental Economics Research Group - Stirling, UK

Groundwater site

Dioxin Fallout - Center for Biology of Natural Systems

Good Wood Alliance (sustainable furniture wood)

John Daly (critic of IPCC)

Our Planet Last Week by State of The Earth Magazine, Dennis van Paasen

Water, including desalination

Ecotopie (in French from Belgium)

socialist? Web site, recommended by Bruce Scott

Heidelberg Appeal

Fort Freedom (Beckmann)

Groundwater list

Global Warming and Climate Change

Puchalsky criticism of my pages

Seminar on Herman Daly's _Beyond Growth_ Seminar on Daly's _Beyond Growth_

Sustainable Stewardship: A Minerals Industry Perspective

Island Press, ECO-COMPASS

Millenium Institute (Gerald Barney)

Oil & Gas Journal

The Woodlot (forestry)


New Australian

Rock Tech Program for the Human Environment

Global warming

Greenhouse Issues

Weathervane from Resources for the Future

Die Off

Footprints of Nations

USDA on salinity

U.S. Global Change Research Center