Selene Makarios

Curricula vitae

Curriculum vitae

Talk on AI and trading heuristics (abstract)

Encoding Trader 'Horse-Sense' (pdf)


Metaclass's Lament

A Model Theory for a Quantified Generalized Logic of Contexts

Does Quantified Modal Logic Rest on a Mistake?

Any ist-AON Quantified Context Logic has a
First-Order Semantics
(proof using baby semantics)

Any ist-AO Quantified Context Logic has a
First-Order Semantics
(stronger result, using context conjugates)

Distributed Morphology Controlled English (fragmentary)

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning using
First-Order Theories over Structured Propositions
(wants rewrite)

A Linguistically Natural Approach to Constructing Formal
Proposition-Objects Expressing Quantification, in Theories of
Reified Concepts and Propositions

A Primer on Minimal Models (extremely fragmentary notes)

My slides from CS 157 (Computational Logic) guest-lecture

Equality I

Equality II

Equality III

Equality IV

Selected Presentations

KELP: KANI English-like Logic Protocol



M3 becomes a liability for the Fed

Selene's Believe it or DIS-believe it!