Nonmonotonic Common Sense Reasoning


Gates 259, TTH 1.15-2.30

Instructor: Tom Costello, (costello@cs.Stanford.EDU).
Office 200,201 Gates.
Phone 723-8784, 723-3334
Office Hours: MW 1.00-3.00 or preferably by appointment.

Secretary: Terry Rodriguez (
Office: 203 Gates.
Phone: 723-6321.

The course focuses on the following topics: systems of nonmonotonic reasoning emphasizing circumscription, applications to formalizing common sense knowledge and reasoning, situation calculus and its variants, formalizing context, and formalizing facts about knowledge.

We will assign 5 homeworks throughout the quarter and a paper at the end for those taking the class for credit, or possibly a take-home final for those who dislike papers.

There is no printed course reader, all relevant papers are available on the web. I have prepared an outline of what will be covered.

Sections of lecture notes from the previous years might also be of interest; these too are available in electronic form.

The course will be more formal than previous years, with more definitions, theorems and proofs. PVS an automated theorem prover will be used. Documentation is available locally.

The book, "Solving the Frame Problem", by Murray Shanahan is recommended but not required.

T Costello
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