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My Work since my Thesis

Tom Costello

My work has concentrated in two areas. Firstly, planning and reasoning about action, especially concerning the difficulties that incomplete knowledge bring. My second major focus has been on how to reason with new information that is possibly incompatible with current beliefs.

Since March last, I have had two papers accepted to journals, and a chapter in the CSLI volume for the workshop on logic, language and information. I have also published five conference papers, two of which are with co-authors (John and Anna), and some other symposia and workshop papers. Below I describe how my work has progressed since my thesis. My statement of work gives a longer term view of my research goals. The papers I publised this year are listed at the end of this document--my full publication list is in my CV.

T Costello
Thu Mar 5 16:05:26 PST 1998