VWS Talk 4: Distributed First Order Logics  
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Virtual Worldwide Seminar Project

Distributed First Order Logics

Luciano Serafini1
Monday, March 8, 1999


(joint work with Chiara Ghidini)

In this seminar we present our recent work on distributed first order logics (DFOL). DFOL is a logic for the formalization of distributed knowledge representation and reasoning systems (DKRS). In a DKRS knowledge is represented by a set of heterogeneous subsystems, each of which represents, in its own language, partial knowledge about a subset of the whole domain, and can exchange knowledge with the other subsystems via query answering. DFOL formalizes the partial knowledge of each subsystems with a first order theory (or context) on a given domain, and the communication between two subsystems by a relation between the formulas of their languages (query mapping) and a relation between objects of their domains (answer mapping). In the talk we describe the language and the semantics. and a sound and complete calculus (based on Multi Context Systems, an extension of natural deduction) for DFOL.




1 Luciano Serafini
ITC-IRST Trento Italy

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