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About John McCarthy

This isn't, and is unlikely to become, a personal page in the sense that is becoming traditional on the Web. Sorry about that.

John McCarthy is nobody Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at Stanford University.

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A few people and a lot of spam lists still have jmc@sail.stanford.edu as my email. Because that mail was almost all spam, I killed the address. will work for the indefinite future.


none for the forseeable future


John McCarthy
Room 208, Gates Building 2A [click on the building for directions]
Computer Science Department
Stanford University
Stanford, California 94305-9020
N 37 deg 24.530, W 122 deg 09.331 min (gps claimed 17 ft)
Telephone: 650 723-4430, voice mail
Fax: (650) 725-7411

Home Address:

885 Allardice Way
Stanford, CA 94305
(650) 857-0672, voice mail
N 37 deg 24.526 min, W 122 deg 09.336 min

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This nice free map lacks a few labels for streets. The street coming into Junipero Serra Blvd (labelled Foothill Expwy on the map). is Stanford Ave. The street off Stanford Ave leading to Allardice is Raimundo Ave. Allardice Way is the 5th street off Raimundo from Stanford Ave. The big street crossing Foothill Expwy. and passing Coyote Hill Road is Page Mill Road. It can be taken from highway 280. If you are coming from 101 take Oregon Expressway, which turns into Page Mill Road when it crosses El Camino Real. The road on the map going from Page Mill Road to Stanford Ave. is Peter Coutts Road. It can be taken from Page Mill Road to Raimundo.

 Birth date: 1927 Sept 4.

 What the School of Engineering thinks it knows about John McCarthy. This link has disappeared.

What the Computer Science Department thinks it knows about John McCarthy (I'm not Pigott Professor any more).

From the Stanford School of Engineering. Nice picture but gone now.

From Herbert Stoyan's collection

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Here's a short biography for use in announcing talks. Longer and longer ones are available on request.

John McCarthy has been Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University since 1962. His research is mainly in artificial intelligence. Long ago he originated the Lisp programming language and the initial research on general purpose time-sharing computer systems. More can be found in his Web page John McCarthy's home page. As a public service, he has created a Web page on the sustainability of material progress. Material progress is indeed sustainable.

Here's a standard curriculum vita.

Remark: Ideally one would put all the information that one considers public about oneself on a page like this. When asked to fill out a form, one would simply put down the URL in place of any information that is on the page and tell the recipient of the form to just look it up.

One step beyond that is that any program needing this public information would just take it from the somewhat standardized web page.

More precisely, here's a proposed new civil right. No Government agency, educational institution or business should ever be able to require anyone to supply anew information that the institution already has or is publicly available.

Responding to Richard Dawkins's pestering his fellow atheists to "come out", I mention that I am indeed an atheist. To count oneself as an atheist one need not claim to have a proof that no gods exist. One need merely think that the evidence on the god question is in about the same state as the evidence on the werewolf question.

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