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Remarks and Acknowledgements


  1. To what extent will all these problems have to be faced explicitly by people working with neural nets and connectionist systems? The systems I know about are too primitive for the problems even to arise. However, more ambitious systems will inhabit the common sense informatic situation. They will have to be elaboration tolerant and will require some kind of mental model of the consequences of actions.
  2. I got useful suggestions from Eyal Amir, Sasa Buvac and Tom Costello.
  3. Some additional relevant papers are in my book [McCarthy, 1990] and on my Web site.
  4. My understanding that I should prepare a printable version of this invited talk came rather late. I expect that both the spoken version and the 1996 November Web version will have better explanations of the important concepts.
  5. This work was partly supported by ARPA (ONR) grant N00014-94-1-0775.

John McCarthy
Sun Apr 19 15:21:34 PDT 1998