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Basic Consciousness


Here are some of the elements of basic consciousness.

The propositions of basic consciousness are about the world and not about the system's thoughts. There is a gray area, and, for example, a proposition that the system is hungry can be looked at the other way.

images of scenes and objects
These may be either remembered images or images of objects currently being sensed. By image, I do not mean merely two dimensional visual images such as those projected on the retina. Included are auditory images and three dimensional images of objects. The auditory images of speech are transformed by filters characteristic of the hearer's understanding of the language. The images of three dimensional objects involve vision, touch and also experience with the particular kind of object.

Much more can be said about images, but it is inessential for this review, except to make the point that the actual details are important in understanding consciousness.

John McCarthy
Fri Feb 28 07:25:22 PDT 1997