Tom Costello

I once was a Research Associate, before that, a research assistant. I'm not sure what I am now.

Affiliation: Computer Science Department, Stanford University.

Office: Gates Building, 203? Address: Computer Science Department, Stanford University, CA 94305-2140, USA
Email: costello@cs.Stanford.EDU
Phone: +1.650.723 2533
Fax: +1.650.725 7411

Research Interests: Reasoning about Action. Nonmonotonic reasoning. Declarative Representations of Heuristics.


I am teaching CS222, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, in Winter Quarter, at 12.50-2:05 p.m. in Gates B12, on Mondays and Wednesdays. The web page for last year's course is here. Richard Fikes taught the course previously, so this years course will be radically different. In particular this year's course will have much more of a reasoning component.
I have made a page for CS222

I once taught CS323, Non-monotonic Common Sense Reasoning, in Spring Quarter, at 1.15-2.30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


A summary of work since my thesis.

The Stanford home page.

The Computer Science Department home page.

The Formal Reasoning Group home page.

Tom Costello

My sister, Aisling, has a cottage in Clogherhead, and needless to say, as she wants traffic, (for Louth vacation rentals), she asked me to link to her.