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Virtual Worldwide Seminar Project
Here is a table of possible hardware configurations that have worked in the past. To save time, you may copy one of these setups, which vary according to the size of the expected audience.

Possible Configurations
Expected Audience Size
Type of Room (Size)
Computer for Projection
Audio Amplification
Other Hardware
10-15 Conference Room (268 ft2) IBM Thinkpad, Windows 95, Netscape, NetMeeting Infocus LitePro 730 Polycom Soundstation 100 None None.
15 Video conference room WindowsNTws standalone on Compaq Pro Workstation 5000 with 10Mb/s TP One PC projected on screen with back-projection for the audience Phone is on ISDN line. A microphone matrix with 8 or 10 mikes hanging from the ceiling, with technology to eliminate mike/loudspeaker feedback. (All of this is installed within the conference room.) None.

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