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Virtual Worldwide Seminar

Relevant Information

  1. Potential speakers should browse some guidelines and feedback from previous speakers of the VWS.

  2. Please refer to this list of pre-tested hardware configurations for your site (what sort of PCs, speakerphones, audio equipment to use).

  3. An example of some slides [alternate link] (please copy this format). 

  4. If you are interested in subscribing to the virtual seminar list, send an email (with no subject) to with the only the following line in the body:

         subscribe virtual_seminar

  5. To see who is on the list, try sending a similar email except with this line in the body:

         who virtual_seminar

  6. Each seminar lasts one hour. As we have participants from all over the world, we have to negotiate times. The optimal time for the seminar is:

    Stanford, USA 10-11am
    Trento, Italy 7-8pm

  7. Some information on conference calling. Stanford provides a service, "Meet Me", where up to 30 people can dial into one conference call. The cost is $30 to the host. Each participant pays for his own phone call to Stanford.
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