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  Virtual Worldwide Seminar Project

In this era of technology it is now possible to hold conferences between parties who are not in the same room, or even on the same continent. Tele-conferencing and video-conferencing aid interaction between remote parties. Software and protocols such as MBONE, Microsoft's NetMeeting, and Netscape Communicator Conference, use the Internet as a channel for transmitting both video and audio information. 
Traditionally, information in the academic realm spreads via publications, seminars, and talks. However seminars and talks are only feasible when the speaker and potential audience are in close proximity. It is a shame that such information exchange is so dependent on physical location, given the resources now available. 

The Virtual Worldwide Seminar project is intended to overcome those problems, by setting up a protocol for a ``virtual seminar''. A virtual seminar takes place with participants who are not local to each other. Current technology is used in moderation so as to make VWS accessible to a wide range of people, e.g. people who cannot afford expensive technologies or even people who want to attend seminars from their own houses or offices. Therefore, no video-conferencing is used as it requires too much hardware. Telephony is used for audio communication, and a computer provides the browser for visual aids such as slides.

The protocol and required equipment for the seminar has changed. All one needs to join is an internet browser and a separate phone line. Details can be found in the howto.html webpage.

The topic for next year's VWS, starting September 1999, is generalized to Logical AI.

The Virtual Worldwide Seminar is a joint project with: 
Mechanized Reasoning Group
 University of Trento 
Massimo Benerecetti
Formal Reasoning Group 
Stanford University
Aarati Parmar
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