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Method and Knowledge Structures for Reasoning About Concepts, Relations, and Rules (co-inventors: Leiguang Gong, Erik Mueller, Doug Riecken, and Moninder Singh), US Patent 7,447,667, issued 2008

A system and method for reasoning about concepts, relations and rules using a new knowledge structure, an Enhanced Semantic Network (ESN). ESNs provide the expressive power of general semantic network combined with the sound reasoning guaranteed by inheritance networks. In an ESN, one can use regular expressions to formally characterize paths corresponding to valid reasoning.

A System and Method for Collecting and Analyzing Information about Content Requested in a Network (World Wide Web) Environment (co-inventors: Juhn-young Lee, Mark Podlaseck, Edith Schonberg, David Wood), US Patent 6,466,970, issued 2003.

A system and method for using structured knowledge about the content of web pages and web analysis to determine which web pages to retrieve during a web search.

Reasoning with Rules in a Multiple Inheritance Semantic Network System with Exceptions, US Patent 5,502,508, issued 1998.

A new data structure describes an inheritance network with exceptions, augmented with rules attached to nodes in the network, a background context of rules and information, and an optional prioritization of links in the network. A process that determines which rules apply to classes (nodes) in the taxonomy exploits the structure of the network, in particular specificity and path prioritization, to get preferred maximally consistent subsets of rules that apply at specified nodes.

Patent Awards

The following awards have been granted for the above patents:
  • IBM Patent Achievement Award (for US Patent 7,447,667), 2009
  • IBM First Plateau Invention Achievement Award, 2003
  • IBM Supplemental Patent Issue Award (for patent of distinction, referring to US Patent 5,502,508), 1999
  • Two IBM Invention Achievement Awards for patents ( US Patent 5,502,508 and US Patent 6,466,970), 1999
  • IBM Patent Issue Award, 1998
  • IBM First Patent Achievement Award, 1996