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Teaching and Mentoring

  • Teaching
    • Columbia, Adjunct Assistant Professor, 1999
      • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (see KR course web page) (graduate/undergraduate course)
    • University of Pennsylvania, Adjunct Associate Professor, 1996
      • Advanced Logics: Modal, Epistemic, and Nonmonotonic Logics (graduate seminar)
    • Joint IBM/Columbia Graduate Program, Adjunct Assistant Professor, 1992
      • Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Representation (graduate course)
    • Brown University, Assistant Professor, 1987--1989
      • Discrete Mathematics (undergraduate course)
      • Logics of Knowledge (graduate seminar)
      • Nonmonotonic Logics (graduate seminar)
  • Mentoring
    • Dissertation Supervisor:
      • Lynn Andrea Stein, Resolving Ambiguity in Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Ph.D., Brown University, August, 1990
      • Peter Kenneth Malkin, NOSHKOSH: A Natural Deduction Proof Checker for a First-Order Logic of Knowledge, Sc.M., Brown University, September 1988
    • Dissertation Committees (reader/examiner):
      • Mary P. Harper, The Representation of Noun Phrases in Logical Form, Ph.D., Brown University, May, 1989
      • Charles L. Ortiz, Worlds of Change: Counterfactual Reasoning and Causation, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, December, 1996
      • Eyal Amir, Decomposing First-Order Theories, Stanford University, June, 2001
    • Technical Liaison (Mentor for holders of IBM Graduate Student Fellowships)
      • Moises Goldszmidt, UCLA, 1990-1992
      • Adam Grove, Stanford University, 1991-1992
      • Rachel Ben-Eliyahu, UCLA, 1992-1993
      • Moninder Singh, University Of Pennsylvania, 1995-1998
    • Doctoral Student Consortiums
      • Program Co-Chair (with Sheila McIlraith), KR-2004 Doctoral Student Consortium, Whistler, Canada, May 2004
      • Program Committee Member and Panelist, SIGART/AAAI Doctoral Consortium, 1998, 1999, 2000