*Eyal Amir, Ph.D. Student

Computer Science Department
Gates Building, 2A Wing, Rm#218
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-9020

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General information

I am a member in the formal reasoning group
My advisor is John McCarthy
Commonsense at NYU Logo I am on the program comittee of NMR-2002, the 9th workshop on Non-Monotonic Reasoning.


Family and friends!

Pre-Ph.D Studenthood

I studied for my BSc and MSc in Math & CS at Bar-Ilan University in Israel in the years 1987-1992(BSc) and 1992-1994(MSc).

My Master Dissertation (postscript 431K) deals mostly with Logic and Set Theory of the Reals (one of the most fascinating issues in mathematics (my humble opinion of course)). The more advanced, succeeding article (postscript 167K) includes the main result of the dissertation, and uses it to establish some new results in the area. It is published in the AMS publication Contributors, BEST conference proceedings, edited by T. Bartoszynski and M. Scheepers.

Classes and curriculum

Old classes, only some of which I've formally taken.

Currently running classes

Current Research

My general interest is in Artificial Intelligence in general and Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in particular. I am mostly interested in building applied systems that make use of explicit knowledge in devising their actions, absorb knowledge from their environment (either by learning, diagnosing or receiving knowledge by interaction) and are autonomous. I have worked recently on Commonsense-Knowledge Representations and Reasoning (incl. Theories of Action), Automated Logical Reasoning and AI Architectures. I am also interested in the applications of Logical Reasoning to Planning and Learning, Elaboration Tolerance of logical theories, Belief Revision, Abstraction, Reformulation, the integration of multiple representational and reasoning paradigms, and Human-Level AI.

Before writing my dissertation on decomposition and logical AI my thesis research was on Elaboration Tolerance, which tries to find better ways to write knowledge so that it is easily expandable. I'm still working on that, although fairly slowly.
List of papers I wrote
Curriculum vitae in html and more formally in postscript (updated February 1, 2001)
Short Bio
Logic-Based Subsumption Architecture project web page (revised November 14, 2001).
Partitioning and Reasoning project web page (revised November 9, 2001).

Noteworthy Resources

AI Qual and Reading Group
Conferences and such
General AI resources and journals
Nonmonotonic Reasoning and Theories of Action
The NOBOTS group web page
Rapid Knowledge Formation (RKF): In the Formal Reasoning Group , the SRI's team page and the RKF PI meeting.
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