* Formal Reasoning Group

The formal reasoning group focuses on the analysis and development of formal reasoning in artificial intelligence.

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FRG Alumni

Related Logical AI Researchers

The interests of the group.

We participate in the HPKB project, and we keep a special web page for it.

In the Spring of 1997, there was established a Seminar on Human-Level AI

In the Spring of 1998, Stanford is hosting the 7th Workshop on Logic, Language and Computation

We are one of the coordinators of the Virtual Worldwide Seminar on Context.

Other Research Groups and Servers

Rob Miller and Chitta Baral have established a page of people working on Reasoning about actions (El Paso)

Reasoning about Actions (London)

Here is a picture of Murray Shanahan, Tom Costello, and John McCarthy on March 29th 1995. click here

The Stanford home page.

The Computer Science Department home page.

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